Left-click locations from star map into chat box

Hey I miss the possibility to open the chat window while looking at the"Galaxy-Map" (with all the dreadnaughts’ places and open space missions) and then left-click on a system to send my friend the location i am heading to in open space. Like we have it with the weapons, ships and modules for the trade chat already.

Would be cool, just an idea.

giphy.gif Up for review!

Well, I had this idea in my mind. I definitely agree that this is a plus.

difference to eve bookmarks here is just, that the other player cannot really “target” that location, so writing its name is just as useful.

… but if you get this bracketed location [Station Ellydium Theta] for example and you would get such a message and you would hover your mouse indicator over it it would result in pop- up of the galaxy map and showing/centering on that location, thats what i meant…

Off cause its just a start, select a flight path and auto flight to system and such would even be grater (i think g4borg suggested some thing like this some time ago).