League ranking leaderboard

My suggestion is very simple;


Can you make it possible to view who is in a certain league team by clicking the name of the team in de leaderboard?

(+ some stats if possible)


I find it actual kind of weird that this is not possible. I have no idea who is in those teams. So the entire point of the leaderboard is kind of mute. Players cant boast, proof they are in a certain team, you cant see wich team and players you could face. You can see the name of the team you are fighting, you dont know the ranking or the stats of the team you just faced. 

I think everyone would like to see this implemented. Seeing this has no effects on gameplay, balance, other things, this should be a easy change.

Same remark about corporation leaderboard, isn’t it logical that if you click the corporation name in that leaderboard that you should see its stats, when it was founded, overview of the members, corporation officers, recruitment officer? How can a player otherwise make a good choice about wich corporation to join?


I hope on a positive respons





Does anyone from devs or anyone else with the power to forward suggestions even read the suggestions topic?