Leader cannot lead in Room




This is frustrating, when you are Leader and you cannot manage your crew.

Sometimes, some custom map are difficult so we are asking some levels.

We cannot Kick/Ban anyone. So what’s the point of being Leader ? Instead of launching or not…


Also it can occur we don’t like someone for some reasons and we cannot exclude him, adding  him in Ignore list doesn’t do the job, he’s still able to join us.


Also the invite system is buggy, when i do right click to someone to Invite him in custom game, there is no way to accept quickly and to join. We just see a yellow message and that’s it !
Why, when we are already on Squad we, the leader cannot create a Custom with all the squads directly ?

We have to leave the squad, to wait him to create and finally trying to join as fast as we can before someone else do.


So yes that’s my point, Leader cannot Lead…




If you are the host/leader of a custom lobby, you may right click a player and click ‘Remove from battle’.



Nope Skadoodle, there is no such option, i can “ignore” him with right click but there is not “Remove from Battle”.

So i have to leave the room and create another…

And to hope he will not join again, THAT SUCKS !!

I’m pretty sure I removed someone in our corporation practice match just the other day.

That’s easy dude, you can’t, do the test yourself now. Create something, wait someone, you CANNOT REMOVE HIM.

I have to create another room and to hope he will not come again…

I’ll check tonight when I have access to the game. I’m at work right now.


Have you tried making a private room, though?

No because we don’t receive rewards and we are playing PVE.


Also i have problem to accept invitation from joining a Lobby.

I see a yellow message but there is no way to join fast.


In PVE we can’t create in private mode, also in private mode you don’t have rewards anyway.

“Ignore” someone wont make the matchmaking put you in diffrent battles, so i does make sense you cant remove him.

Even more so, it does make sense to not being able to do anything in the lobby of a match that have rewards, im even surprised we dont have a problem with these rooms are getting farmed (each side take turns in being afk) as it is.


I propose the idea i posted somewhere else: Make one queue for each mode, make a check box for what modes you want to play, add a percental reward on the post game results based on how many boxes you had checked (0 bonus for one checked mode, 5% for two, 10% for three…) and do away with all lobbys with rewards.


the custom battles are still in an early stage and not all features have been added.

Due to the fact that regular matches with reward are based on the same system as the queueing system, you cannot kick any player from a rewarded battle. (We do not want to allow pre-setted teams to farm all day long)

If you want to fight between your friends only, you can just turn of autobalance and it will allow you to kick other players.



But it will remove rewards system and we wish to keep it on.

Also when we are on SQUAD Mode, we can’t either join together a Custom PVE, that’s not normal, we can only play in PVP or in “Mission PVE” ; Or they need to leave the squad and to join me as fast as they can and sometimes it’s not enough so we have to remake…