Launch Pre-Docked On Emperor

It would be crazy cool if while in a quad to launch in to the selected gamemode/sector all together, already docked to the Emperor.


As an example:

-There’s a corporate fight in a distant sector.

-You form a squad of you and 3 other people.

-One of the members has an Emperor equipped.

-When readying up, you are given the option to jump in to the sector together as a group, with everyone who is able already docked to the Emperor.


Same for PvP/PvE.

Get in a squad, check a box somewhere to be docked to the allied Emperor if possible when spawning, the Emperor launches, and you are already docked to it. (Could delay the user’s launch to allow them to jump out at the same time as the Emperor.)


This would make the Emperor seem much more like a real dropship, and somewhat pre-buff the docked allies when entering battle.

(It would also promote the use of the Emperor, and show people that it’s beneficial to be docked to one)