Laser-mines [Module]

Name: Laser Mines

Type: Passive Hull Module

Ranks: 8-15

Tooltip: Deploys a Vulpanium crystal to orbit your ship every 16 seconds for a maximum of 5. If an enemy destroys it by dealing 800 damage to it, or gets within 500m of you, it will detonate causing a massive laser to fire in their direction. Deals thermal damage.




(Just a modification of an idea I had ages ago. I can’t wait until Vulpanium is finally added!!!)

What Is Vulpanium? Cool Idea Though…seems a bit op however.

1 hour ago, Marcs25 said:

What Is Vulpanium?

Vulpanium is a red/orange crystal with a high energy density that is extremely reactive with Iridium. When put under the correct environment it can be utilised as an energy source, warp core, weapon, or even shield.