Landing Platform: All Destroyers

Since the Ze’Ta is currently the only destroyer in the game capable of having the Landing Platform, I thought it’d be nice to see said module available for other destroyers in the future. For other destroyers, when the platform spawns in a drone, this could be a “Destroyer combat drone type B or C” instead of a satellite crystal. Good idea? Yay or nay?



Honestly, Vigilant is more suitable for having Landing Platform than Ze’Ta.

Anyway, it’s a nice idea.

Very good idea, excellent… with a detail: the owner should be able to decide if to allow a player to land, or not.

It happens in random pve/pvp matches or in sector conquest that players land there (for fun, not because they need repairs!!) and then “forget” to undock.


In sector conquest it’s more important to have the choice, as an owner: generally, you allow everyone, but it’s better to be able to kick someone and allow someone else instead.

There are players who don’t understand that sometimes it’s more important, for example, to heal an ECM or a tackler, than a cov-op or a gunship. So it’s vital that you have the choice who/when to allow and to kick.


This doesn’t happen in corp battles, as you know everyone and the roles that play. But in random games with unknown players, it’s important.