Land on Asteroids?

I think it would be very cool if a frigate could land and attach to an asteroid and have the missile launcher on the top. Also you could have the asteroid spinning so its harder for them to use it as a shield.

YEA i agree

Wouldn’t that be cool because frigates (for me) always get attacked because they have to be open space to fire there guided missile. 

Yeah, and make the campers invulnerable.



Seriously guys, everybody is complaining that there are too many campers, you’re not pushing in the right direction.



And you may have noticed that the last patch confirmed that direction : Jericho torps are now affected by flares (when your command screen is jinxed and torpedo flys straight ahead for a few sec)

While I agree with Benache on the camping issue I think a modification of this idea would be good. Allow fighters and interceptors to land on surfaces, to go into a “silent running” mode in order to ambush or shake off pursuers. They shouldn’t be able to use modules or weapons while on the asteroid tho.