Lag Reduction Suggestion (Host Change)

Hi Devs, Staffs and fellow Mercenaries;

I’m sure a lot of players mainly rely on the Europe or USA servers to matchmake in order to reduce lag, and tend to *hate* connecting to Russian servers because of their exceedingly poor performance when connected to non-Russian clients, which may also (in mild language) piss certain players off from playing Spaceball due to “latency favouring” (such as me) ![:facepalm:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/014j.png “:facepalm:”). Well, I’ve done some scavenging around the net to collect web hosting providers, then created a combat field to compare their prices versus performance with each other. A rather popular (and cost-saving) provider that I’ve managed to acquire is Amazon Web Services’ CloudFront gaming server hosts, which (for a change) smashes the latency down to approximately 45 ms (global median latency). I did some calculation on the AWS cost calculation page here, and got the result (assuming 3 web servers, 2 virtual CPU cores, 8 GB RAM and 500 GB of storage space each, serving 200 concurrent users) here, Their pricing list can be acquired here. Also, please note that I am not in any way advertising their services, and only suggesting another server host to assist server capacity and latency. Who knows, more players may flock to play the game in the near future merely just for low lag times. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
PS: Personally, I don’t think that self-hosted servers are very effective as a ton of processing hardware need to be purchased ![:018:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/018.gif “:018:”)

How would this solve any of the problems? You still will have people connected from all over the world to a server that is not optimal for proably at least one of them. The advertised global median latency is complety uninteresting since they will never use all of the provided locations at once. Also I don’t see any Russian Server listed which makes it completely uninteresting because a not negligible amount of players is russian. I may see how this would be usefull for a bigger player base that is more split around the player base, but not really how it would help SC.



With more servers in more locations, the player load could be more accurately sorted to the appropriate servers and give better connection speed to most all involved. Right now we are trying to sort all of America in to what I assume is one little server. Same for the rest of the regions outside of Russia. With more non-russian servers, non-russian players could actually have a decent chance at being placed on a decent server.