Lack of ship info (before buying them)

I’m a new player who has just hit Rank 3 (Jericho Raider) and I’m looking at the ship screen in mild confusion…


There’s three Frigates to buy, the Zealot, the Zealot AE and the Neuron Zealot, but apart from their basic looks, I have no clue what the difference between these variants is.

Same thing for the Dagger AE and Dagger type V.


According to someone in chat, they do have some variations in speed/hp/etc., but the tooltips are just little blurbs of fluff and I can’t find any way to get some proper info on these ships.


Since I don’t have enough money to just buy all of the ships and it’s apparently not possible to sell unused ships, I can’t just check their stats and decide which one I want to keep.


So yeah, imho some sort of proper info, either via extended tooltips or a small extra screen (opened by right clicking for example) is desperately needed here, especially since the Wiki isn’t really up to date either.


I hope this is planned but just not implemented yet, so can anyone here post the stats so I can choose?

Each one has specific benefits.


one is built for tank

one for speed

and one for offence.

the ship preview will be included soon…


there are as you said three different variants:


the normal and two subfaction specific modified base models


the normal one just has basic stats and the basic special ability


the subfaction specific usually feature like uhmari said improved stats like higher damage resistance / hp or higher speed

they also have modified specials e.g.

jericho t1 frigates


the Zealot - basic version has a guided torpedo

the Zealot AE - modified version has a guided torpedo with higher speed

the Neuron Zealot -modified version has a guided torpeda with higher dmg


right now i’m not sure about the tank / speed issue so you might want to address jericho players


piece of advice: if you hover with your mouse over the special you can read which specific modifiations are used by the corresponding subfaction…

Well thanks for the answers so far, I guess I’ll just grab the Raider variants for now.

the ships still need more info, it would be nice to just know what aspects are upgraded, but a detail of stats would be great Ie


AE 10k shield

E 15k shield

S 7k shield + 20% speed.

At the moment the devs work on the improvement for the ship info so we should see some first results soon.

Hi, new here and am really excited about this game.


To answer the OP, the russian wiki has lots on info on everything. Just use google translate:

Hi, new here and am really excited about this game.


To answer the OP, the russian wiki has lots on info on everything. Just use google translate:


thx, imma read and learn some about this…


but well, at least should we can see these ship spec before buy : basic stats, factory weapon and build in abilities.


so far now im kinda got trouble recommending starting faction to friends who want start play this due lack info


not everyone like me wanna read wall of text, most gamers even just jump in and think later…