Komodo [Ship]

During Many recent skirmishes with Jericho forces the Federation has deployed its newest instrument of war, a powerful frigate capable of disarming key targets through the use of EMP mortar weapons, decoys, and energy disruption effects. These frigates have had two uses as of yet during turf wars between the two factions, but the ‘Komodo’ has been tested and deemed battle ready to be given to the most committed of Federal mercenaries.


Name: Komodo

Rank: 9

Type: Federal Guard Frigate


Appearance: A smooth grey ship, akin to an Anaconda but without the ‘crown’ on the front and with large missile pods mounted on either side of the back of the ship, each with three openings for rockets


Special module: Electromagnetic Mortar

Recharge: 1 second

Energy: 150pts

Tooltip: The ship fires an unguided torpedo at the cross hairs at a velocity of 3km/s, the projectile has a maximum range of 6000m and will detonate on impact or at the end of travel. On detonation the projectile deals 1000 EM damage to all targets in a 1000m radius and disables their modules, missiles, and weapons for 0.5 seconds. This module has 6 charges and regains one every 20 seconds.


Primary Weapon: E.D.A.C. (Energy-Disrupting-Automatic-Cannon)

Damage: 350-400 thermal damage per volley (all four cannons fire simultaneously, like an assault railgun)

RoF: 180 rounds per second

Speed: 5000m/s

Spread: low

Range: 4500m

Overheating/cooling: 18/3.5

Tooltip: Fires thermal projectiles which reduce weapon damage of enemies hit by 2.5%, up to 25%, if an enemy has not been struck by the weapon for 5 seconds the effect ends.


Active module: ‘Phantom’ Device

Recharge: 35 seconds

Energy: 650pts

Tooltip: On activation the ship warps 1.5km directly forwards, leaving behind a phantom ship. The phantom is an immobile hologram with 50% of the ship’s durability, it can fire its weapons which deal 30% of their usual damage, but cannot activate any of its modules, the phantom pulls hostile ships within 1km of it towards it at a rate of 150m/s, on contact with an enemy ship the phantom vanishes, disabling the ship for 2 seconds. The phantom lasts 15 seconds


Unlocked when the player reaches rank 15 in Federation.