Knights Forsaken

Knights Forsaken

Dedicated to training new pilots. Grouping with fellow corp members and utilizing voice chat to coordinate efforts.


 We’re highly social and extremely active. Custom matches to test theories, build skill and increase pvp confidence. Our members are exposed experienced pilots, as well as a large group of players learning game mechanics, modules, and fellow members!


Raidcall channel :
Guildlaunch :

from Voodoo Vikings (Vking) welcome to star conflict, and good luck

from null value, welcome to star conflict! Hope you have fun.

A welcome from Inconstance. We will be happy to assist you.

Aside from Sema’s joke, Galactic Arc happily welcomes you to Star Conflict.


Hope to see you around :012j:

Thank you to all the wonderful corps posting well wishes. 

May our guns only be drawn upon each other in legendary battles!

RadiX Welcomes you! 

So which faction does your corporation belong to?