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Xinxiang Zesen environmental protection technology co., LTD., is a research and development , production , sales and service of wallpaper and wall cloth as one of the high-tech enterprises. With the current domestic most advanced production line of wallpaper , wall cloth. In vigorously strengthen, on the basis of independent research and development , actively absorb the international advanced crafts and technologies, with the international high-end wallpaper equipment manufacturers cooperation. Embossing accuracy, color stability, the quality reliability of the product has the leading position. Product form advanced resin series, non-woven series, the series of gold foil paper, developed a deep embossed, gold foil, gold, foam cylinder, such as multiple technology. European style, pastoral, modern style, Chinese style, etc. The company is committed to the development of environmentally friendly wallpaper 100% adopt international top organic ink printing, Germany and the United States imported non-woven paper pure raw materials such as paper, for the majority of consumers to provide elegant and fashionable green wallpaper.
The company in 2016 in phoenix springs area industrial zones, covering an area of nearly 20000 square meters, construction of annual output of 10million wallpaper projects and 5 million ㎡ wall cloth projects. The project plan with a total investment of 120 million yuan, the construction capacity of 5000 square meters wallpaper projects and 5 million ㎡wall cloth projects. The main production equipment including wallpaper machine production line 3, wall cloth machine production line 1. Company existing dealers across the country more than 3000, and has set up overseas offices in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and South America . Products adopt international top 100% organic ink printing ,Germany and the United States imported non-woven paper pure paper raw materials, products widely used in hotels, restaurants, entertainment and civil construction and other fields, is another revolution in architectural decoration.
1060 Broad Wallpaper Project Market And Profit Analysis
Ze sen is a mature manufacturer with production, r&d and sales. Existing production factory director, workshop director, skilled operators 40 people. There are 30 sales managers and 7 sales and service staff in China. Research and development team 6. After the installation of the 1060 wide wallpaper project equipment, it can be put into production quickly.
Domestic market, the company existing Yiwu office service(Jiangsu) and global customers, Urumqi office, the office of Zhengzhou office, office of Chengdu southwest and northeast of Shenyang, all-round services for domestic.
International trade: the company has long-term stable customers in Brazil, UAE, South Africa, India, Iran and Hong Kong .
Future Development
China will be the world’s largest producer of wallpaper and the world’s largest producer of wallpaper. At present, Chinese wallpaper usage is far lower than the average utilization rate in developed countries, so the space for the development of Chinese wallpaper industry is huge.
Ze sen wallpaper project, is the first time to catch the 1060 wide wallpaper of the rapid development of the early advantage, and will be a period after stability, achieve wide wallpaper production, domestic sales, the strongest will quickly lead domestic and export international wide wallpaper stabilize the market. Kitchen Wall Covering supplier
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