[Khorne Berzerkers] Join us in our Glory! [only 18+]



We are Hostile Faction


Multi national gamming comiunity.

We cordialy extend invitations to mature gamers

who want to play with pelope of same interests, and age.

We do not require anything from you aside from activity and age of 18+

we are from 18 to 30. We play many games not only SC.

From FPP trough RPG to RTS. even MOBA.







Visit http://www.hostilefaction.com for aplication and aditional info.



We have our own game servers, Ts3 servers and a solid comiunity.


Become a part of Hostile Faction today!

bump for glory :slight_smile:

Heretics here already?!  :what:




( good look for you guys ) 

Ravenwing on the ground, Deathwing awaiting signal… :slight_smile: