Keep the respawn system!

This is at Error, i was sitting on the pot reading the forums and i saw people talking about the change and how arcade mode had recently been added. I JUST started playing this game when it got released on steam, so i haven’t been playing for long, but after playing WoT for the last 4 months, i have to say the ability to respawn (was totally unexpected) and when it happened i was stoked. It made me literally want to go and purchase the elite DLC.


This game is a ton of fun, and it’s only in beta so looking forward to all the advancements and ship types and such and hopefully making the Fed Frigs a little more competetive xD (Started with fed, sticking with fed, sucks to have my drones constantly one shotted lol) at least give us more missle slots or something xD?


Anyways, don’t take out the respawn mechanic, it’s fantastic makes it fun and makes it the kind of game i can comeon to play for 30 minutes or a few hours and still feel satisfied. Being able to have that kind of enjoyment makes a game a lasting game in my book, because it fits my time schedules.


I know people were worried that it took the strategy out of it? Perhaps that’s more on the devs at this point to make it so grouping up or making wings of fighters and such is more effective, or ways for ships to really help eachother out, like the Fed Fighter cloaking himself AND his wing, (3 ships total) or the warp drive making himself and his wing jump. Cool things like that could add to the effectiveness of running as groups and keeping good squad cohesion.


Just thoughts! Love to hear yours.