In the game there are two types of players, the positive karma and negative karma. I’m particularly positive karma (+ 74k), but it is boring and i want to become negative, but for me to be negative, I have to burn all the positive…I think it would be a good idea to add an button “karma reset”, cuz if you want switch sides, you dont need to lose time…

what you think about this? pls comment


I though the button reset karam was already there…

What’s the point of karma anyway? 

There used to be a reset karma button by your username in the profile. For whatever reason they removed it.

8 hours ago, xKostyan said:

I though the button reset karam was already there…

It was, or maybe it’s only available for - karma players?

Bug report might be needed, if it’s meant for both + and - karma.

I recall there used to be one. I have not seen it for a while now. I guess another stealth nerf.

It is and was always only avaible for negative Karma and it is still there

But, what’s the use of karma? 

2 hours ago, Swifter43021 said:

But, what’s the use of karma? 

Nothing, that only shows your reputation in open space gamemode.

yeah would be cool to reset the karma. +1

Well if you have high karma, just go on a killing rampage and kill any player you come across. Good to do in a destroyer or other super tough high-DPS ship.


As soon as I get to karma +5 I’m going to be killing every player I see until I’m -5.