just a couple of quick things id like to see

-dont lock out everything when searching for a game… let me fit ships, look at weapon stats something!


-fitting templates, a one click way to change a fit from armor tanked rails to shield tanked plasma. 


-forward fixed weapons fighters and interceptors… turrets seem weird on wings… 


-turrets fixed all around the ships! why would a space ship have a top? frigs should have at least 2 turrets fixed “under” the ship.

I dont know what you mean by #1


I agree with #2 and #4


#3 however I disagree with. These spaceships dont really need wings, other than for the propultion to roll ascend and descend. These “wings” are like arms that hold turrets and/or propulsion.There is no wind, like a regular plane, needs fly thru space. and fixed weapons would heavily limit the ability to atttack, if you have to fly straight towards the target to actually hit him.

I dont know what you mean by #1


When you hit fight and searching for a match you can do nothing (except chatting)

I concur on these suggestions :


#1 would really be great. Would need to lock the selected ships though. Maybe a bit tricky to code because there’s no real windows management for the moment. But the stats window and ship tree would be great.


#2 already asked it to Error. This would allow to make a fiting software

#1 Agreed

#2 Agreed

#3 Wings don’t have any meaning in space, the optimal spaceship would be a ball with thrusters and 360° rotable turrets. As such Fixed Weapons make even less sense.

#4 I agree that frigattes need turrets on their bellies.