Jumpgate Generator

Ahoy ye fella Space-squirrels.


I have come to some testing with the jumpgate-generator.

Alas it gets shot down instantly, when trying to tactically relocate your ship(flee) :slight_smile:


could the gate get higher hp while building up?

that would be really useful.


Best Regards


the gate is an excellent addition to the game, however i feel it has invalidated the interceptor abilitiy, the reason i say this is because i want the gate to be changed in a way that better makes the maps less Periless to travel. The idea that i had was to increase the gate hp to 10k, and its duration to 3k, and its cool down should be 30 seconds or so. should be possible to put up to 3 down per a player at one time. This will help develope new, exciting tactics. on the flip side, anyone (including enemies) should be able to use it.


lastly, as for the ceptor ability for empire / shrug. maybe make exiting or some other near effect to diversify it a little (like all enemies break target when exiting hyper space, or lose weapons fire for 3 seconds (one for each faction)

the warp generator gives you ~ 5000u of range while the interceptors special gives you ~10k u…the legion version charges faster while the wardens version make all enemy ships within range lose their target lock when the ship exits warp