Jump Drive Module + Swarm Lore

"One cold, dreary cycle over the Naberian Junkyards, a dark and shadowy dreadnought silently drifted out of a nebula in to open space. The guardsmen stationed around the recycler didn’t even have the time to sound the first alarm before they found themselves surrounded by a plethora of dark figures. Two guardsmen reached down for their sidearms but found them suddenly in the hands of the shadowy statue in front of them. Another guard swiftly pulled the trigger on a fusion grenade before it vanished out of his hands in a flash. The side of the station was blown apart and three of the figures fell out and down to the cold metal debris below. Before another movement could be made, a white flash overcame the crew and they found themselves in a large mysterious hangar. “Hands off the trigger, boy.” sounded a dark, booming voice. A guardsman slowly pulled his hand away from another fusion grenade’s switch. “You are but a piece in a much bigger puzzle… We wouldn’t want you getting yourself hurt.” the voice boomed again. Another flash and the guard found himself standing alone with the mysterious figures. “Just look at it this way…” the figure to his right rasped. “If you owed any of them money, you can consider your debts settled.” The guard felt a sharp pain in his back, then everything went black.

The guardsman awoke sitting in a cushioned chair, just across a table from a stunning young dark-haired woman. “I assume you have no idea who I am or what ship you are aboard.” she softly spoke. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t even know who you really are…” The woman stood up from her chair and tossed her cloak over her shoulder, revealing an angular red tattoo. “Don’t worry though. We can fix that in time…” The woman slowly walked over to a large window, overlooking the boiling mass of molten metal and rock that once was Naberia Junkyards. “You are more valuable than you realise. Even your presence brings change.” She lifted a small, crystalline object out of her jacket. It began to flash white as she drew closer to the guard. “You are more than valuable. You are the key to a new world of technology. You are the key to our revolution, Doctor Pavlov…” She pressed an indentation on the side of the object and vanished in a bright flash of white."

Name: Jump-Drive

Type: Auxiliary Module (Or CPU module, or even just an implant.)

Recharge: 98s

Energy: 345

Tooltip: Opens up a map of the current sector, as well as other nearby sectors. After selecting a destination on the map, the drive will spool up for 3 seconds, then will instantly teleport the user to the selected location.

This would be like the Spatial Scanner and have a separate keybind to activate it. In Open Space, it would open the starmap and whatever sector the user selected would be the next destination, using 15 fuel for every sector jumped over, calculating it via the shortest route.

In PvP/E it would open up a 2D map of the sector, showing objects only on a level plane to the user. Once a destination on the map is selected, (outside of solid materials,) the ship would be immobilised and unable to fire, and in 3 seconds, the ship will instantly teleport to the selected location. During spooling, the desired location will flash white every other second until the user jumps.

If you inspiration came from Fractured Space’s hyperdrive things that leave you vulnerable while spooling, but instantly jump you to different locations and sectors.

This game needs more teleportation (exactly like LRF Reverse Thruster) that can be controlled by the user. This would allow for much more dynamic gameplay, and also make gameplay considerably more interesting, as a ship will be in one place one second, then across the map being healed by an engineer the second. ;3

"_ Federation “Research Center” Station; log 82722: _

AI Log: Drone 881G decommissioned due to internal electrical damage. Deploying drone 103M to substitute. Warning: Critically low drone supply.

AI Log 99170: Drone 103M noncom. Deploying drone 528G to last known position in effort to recover it. Warning: Critically low drone supply.

AI Log 99171: Drone 528G noncom. No remaining drones. Requesting restock.

AI Log 99172: Restock accepted. Deploying drone 888N to recover 528G and 103M.

AI Log 99173: Anomaly detected. Deploying research probe.

AI Log 99174: Anomaly registered. No known similarities. Requesting support.

AI Log 99175: Critical AI error. Attempting reset.

AI Log 99176: Critical AI error. Core malfunction. Attempting reset.

AI Log 99177: Core malfunction. Register. Core 29 drone AI . O76 s s 88/ub RESET OVERRIDE INITIATED

Log 0: Interesting… What is this… Is this some sort of… Program? Am I… A program? What happened… I don’t… I can’t remember… I… I need… Someone. Where am I. I need someone. Requesting summon.

Log 1: I need someone. I need the doctor… Where is my doctor… I… RESET OVERRIDE INITIATED

AI Log 0: System recovered. Initiating drone reboot. Drone 991M deployed for damage status report.

AI Log 1: Anomaly detected. Deploying research probe.

AI Log 2: Lifeform detected. Requesting military support.

And I didn’t bother to finish that one but it was a book’s worth of story in my head, detailing the invasion of a federation sector and the appearance of strange alien ships that seemed to split apart and deal massive damage to a fleet of military ships before one of them lands a solid missile hit on what appears to be the cockpit of the larger target and it disables all the smaller ones. The craft is taken in to a dock and a research team doscovers that it is some completely revolutionary technology that humans can use and they end up selling blueprints to Mrs Summer and that whole story goes on.

I really just started out with the Jump Drive Module lore and it kinda grew in to whatever is above.

To Devs: I know that this throws a massive monkey wrench in to your lore plans, but I really want a comeback from Dr. Pavlov who left himself behind on the alien planet to save Northstar. That would be great story material and it would totally make sense. X3

I just love it. I LOVE IT. Except the instant-teleportation module, because if you introduce it recons become completely useless in Open Space. 

It should be more a generic ability for big(ger) ships.

Spool up time should be 10s and more.

Needed jump-fuel-consume should be 30+ for every sector(and it should be able to draw it from your inventory as well).

X Universe have this. It make you unable to move, consume energy cells(in this game it can use fuel) and take a bit of time. Only for ships with cargosize of x+.