Join the corporation CH4OS.

Chaotic Legion [CH4OS].
Join our pilot corporation, whether you are the veteran commander of a fleet of destroyers or the pilot who experiments with the smallest and fastest interceptor, in this corporation you will find your site.
We are a Spanish-speaking corporation that regularly participates in all facets of the game, with controlled space sectors, experienced players who give good advice and players at all levels and ranges with whom to share the progress of the game, Good atmosphere and desire to improve as a player.
GameVoxf Client is the application that we use to communicate us address.-

The Universe is our home and we like it as it is, fascinating, wonderful. Planets of singular beauty where lilies of the valley grow, planetary systems and pulsars, galaxies and black holes … in the universe everything is possible, but something is changing, in the borders of the universe known and controlled by the big three, the ships Disappear or are destroyed, planets and stars that disappear overnight.
The precarious alliance established between the three great powers Jerico, Imperio and Federacíon is no longer respected by anybody, the great corporations of independent pilots dominate great extensions of the universe. The Aliens have arrived and with them the Universe is at war. If you want to improve as a driver, you speak Spanish and you like to play in a group, this is your corporation.
A greeting to everyone and enjoy the game. 344260-StRRaNNiKK.jpg.4df982883c58bbed68a9e47addf809c1.jpg