Join the Blood Dragon Mercenaries Today! xBDMx

The Blood Dragon Mercenaries are now recruiting players from all time-zones and regions (primarily English speaking corp)! we are primarily a pve/spec ops corp but are dabbling in the pvp spectrum and have actually started building our dreadnought as well. we are looking to fill our ranks not necessarily with the best players in the game but with just ordinary everyday gamers that just want to enjoy the game with others. we do have a ts3, however it is only optional and mainly only used for when we put together wings for spec ops, groups in pvp/pve, or open world resource farming, speaking of farming, need help getting that destroyer? more credits? even synergy? the we are also the place for you, we have designed a technique combining a wing of players and open space that allows us to get players the materials they need quickly, we’ve managed to complete 3 destroyers from scratch in just under 3 weeks for some of our members. so if you have any questions or would like to join simply send a message to one of the names listed below or find us on the corp search in game and submit a application! If you join and decide this isn’t the corp for you feel free to leave, no hard feelings will be had so swing on in a test the waters!


Recruiter List:

Coffeezone (officer)                        senorfluffykins (vp)

Tankalin (officer)                             tekrah (officer)

Titandestroyer (vp)                         waterdragon1657 (vp)

XxShadowWolfxX (secodary CEO) Ravagedsoul (officer)

StevanRS (officer)                          smaragddragon (CEO) 

xero2015 (officer)                           BadLuckJim (officer)  

Rythoss (vp)                                   dragonlord1963 (officer)