Jericho Overhaul

So a loooong time ago I suggested that the Jericho line get some tweaks and gizmos and gadgets etc. Here is the post:



Sawtooth:  Impact Beam : “Deals 11,000 Thermal damage and flies at 8,500m/s for 10,000m. The beam must charge for 1 second before firing. 25s recharge.”

Nyx:  Hull Melter : “Always active while in battle. Deals 1,500 Thermal damage per second to the hull of any enemy the front of your ship is touching. 250pts of that damage is used to repair your hull.”

(Like it’s using that teeny tiny mouth thing of its to munch munch munch on the hulls of enemies. >:3c)

Cutter:  Valkyrie Missiles : Fires 6 homing missiles from the top of your ship. Each deals 2,750 EM damage and can travel up to 6,000m. Each targets a random enemy in range. 45s recharge."

Blood Tormentor:  Spine Saw : “Creates a massive blade of energy along the top of your ship that deals 7,500 EM damage per second over 10 seconds. 45s recharge.”

Razor:  Kinetic Force : “Pounds the enemies in front of your ships with a relentless beam of forceful energy that pushes them away quickly. 35s recharge.”

Mauler:  Hellfire Missiles : “Drops 11 deadly homing missiles out of the rear of your ship that deal 3,500 Thermal damage and can avoid obstacles in flight. Each targets a random enemy in a range of 9,000m. 50s recharge.”

Just some ideas to fit in with the soon to come new premium ships. The Sawtooth especially looks like it might have some massive, devastating beam come out of the front of it.



There are several unique looking ships in the Jericho tree that have no particular bonus to having. Namely the Blood Tormentor, Nyx, Razor, Dragonfly, Cutter, Sawtooth, and Mauler. There are others that could use some cool stuff but for now let’s stick with those.


For the Blood Tormentor, I imagine a menacing guard heading off a gang of pirates in space. They come around an asteroid and the BT flares to life, seemingly growing flaming wings and a glowing jagged spine. It flashes through you and your team, devastating your shields and hulls as it passes by. You fling your ship around to notice that it has taken almost no damage.

Blood Tormentor Special: "The ‘Berserker’ Modification"

Tooltip: Upon activation, forms plasma blades across the edges of your ship for 8 seconds. Also increases maximum speed by 75% and shield resistances by 200pts.

Recharge: 25s


The Nyx would also get a cool new module and function. I see it as the mosquito of the Jericho ships; near damn invincible and evasive as all hell. It has a visible intake on the front of it that could stand to serve some purpose. Imagine it darting across the battlefield and suddenly vanishing from your radars. Several seconds later it appears behind your and your hull begins to slowly disintegrate and flow in to the jaws of the Nyx. It then generates a wave of energy that hits your hull with an extremely heavy thud. Your shields begin to fall, bit by bit. Your shield generator has been inverted and you are now generating shields for all of the enemies surrounding you. What a menacing fate to behold.

Nyx Special Module: "The ‘Menacer’ Modification."

Tooltip: Emits a phasic shockwave that inverts enemy shield generation within 750m of the user. Affected ships siphon their shields to all allies within 750m of them for the next 5 seconds at a rate of 800pts/s.

Recharge: 35s


The Razor would be another story. It is really just an FPV drone with big guns. I see it with some sort of big cannon on the front of it that utilizes the two long protrusions on it. Like it comes out from cloak at about 3km away and charges, then fires a massive force beam that shoves you away in one big push, smashing your ship in to an asteroid and killing you instantly. Since there’s not much else that it’s good for at the moment, aside for looks, this seems to some extent reasonable.

Razor Special Module: "The ‘Moses’ Modification"

Tooltip: Upon activation, instantly pushes all ships and objects in front of the ship away at a maximum speed of 1,000m/s. The impulse is instant, but the affected ships lose 80% of their acceleration/deceleration ability for 3 seconds.

Recharge: 45s


In order of the Dragonfly, I don’t see much that can be done. It is an excellent Command fighter. What I do see happening is a sort of mass linkage of shields etc that enables users who stay clumped together in a team formation to be nearly invincible. With a Dragonfly at the center of a squad of pilots, all incoming damage to any of them is regenerated at the added speed of all of their shield generators. Massive regenerative capabilities are possible if the right team is used.

Dragonfly Special Module: "The ‘Unity’ Modification"

Tooltip: Passively adds up the natural shield regeneration rates of all pilots within 2,500m and allows every affected pilot to regenerate their shields at this new rate. Active mode will allow any positive effects from active modules on affected ships to be granted to all ships for 5 seconds.

Recharge: 30s


The Cutter is a wicked looking ship that really serves no purpose aside for being a quick covert ops interceptor. Nothing really interesting here. This could be fixed by giving use to those structures on the top of the ship. I see them launching a volley of randomly seeking missiles that have a sort of burning affect. As a last resort to deal damage, or just to sabotage nearby enemy plans, a Cutter launches a volley of six homing missiles that automatically lock on to nearby targets and then release burning globs of plasma that stick to them like napalm.

Cutter Special Module: "The ‘Valkyrie’ Modification"

Tooltip: Releases a volley of 6 randomly homing missiles that track targets automatically. Upon hit, enemies within 150m of the blast are burnt for 4,250 thermal damage over the next 5 seconds. The effect stacks if multiple missiles hit the same target.

Recharge: 40s



Most of us could agree that the Sawtooth is a very menacing looking ship, and that it is largely underpowered because of missed opportunities. Because of its shape and visuals, it seems more like a damage dealer than a casual tackler. It looks like it could boast some form of massive cannon using the protrusions on the front of the ship. It looks like it could be some sort of destabilizing bolt that zaps several targets on hit. I see it quickly becoming a main caliber weapon.

Sawtooth Special Module: "The ‘Spectre Phaser’ Modification"

Tooltip: Fires a bolt of energy that can bounce between four different targets for decreasing damage per bounce. The first target receives 6,150 EM damage, and the second receives 66% of that, and so on. If the chain goes to completion, a pickup is formed that will cloak any ally for 6 seconds.

Recharge: 6s



Ahhh the Mauler. A beautiful ship that bears no symmetry or reason. It is a devastator and ravager with nearly no rival. It could stand to bear some sort of tweak that allows it to unlock its full potential. Imagine the current guided torpedo module, but with an ingrained AI system that allows it to work independently from the user. A Mauler rolls up to the battlefield and begins wreaking havoc and destroying ships left and right with its main weapons. A ship is trying to flee, so it uses EM camo and dives in to the distance. The Mauler opens up its torpedo bay and drops out a massive warhead that immediately begins to track the engine trail of the fleeing ship. The AI navigates closer until it is within the blast range and then detonates the warhead, blowing the ship to bits in an instant.

Mauler Special Module: "The ‘Avenger’ Modification"

Tooltip: Fires a standard guided torpedo that has an advanced AI module which allows it to track even enemies not shown on the radar using their engines. It can detonate itself and navigate around obstacles to reach its target. The target is selected by the closest enemy to the crosshairs in front of the ship.

Recharge: 16s

Ah nice, put in the pictures too.

Added for review ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”) 

Can ye please put the top bit in the spoiler tab? It’s just a copy/paste of the original idea.


No prob.

I see the logic on this lmao. Nice one Fox!!

Where’s the hunter?

10 minutes ago, OmegaFighter said:

Where’s the hunter?


convenient ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

I should totally be given all of the alien/crystal ships permanently for free. Esp given the 10k hours I’ve spent in game + the other 284628 hours I’ve spent on the forums making suggestions. XD


But seriously I have a problem. I’ve probably spent more time on the forums than anyone else.

Some ideas looks fun.

But TBH these ships are already extremely powerful since their recent up + “lower rank buff”.

4 minutes ago, Swifter43021 said:

Some ideas looks fun.

But TBH these ships are already extremely powerful since their recent up + “lower rank buff”.

Mauler is really the only super powerful one. That and Nyx kinda. But Nyx is way more balanced than Mauler.

Just now, TheDarkRedFox said:

Mauler is really the only super powerful one. That and Nyx kinda. But Nyx is way more balanced than Mauler.

You’re kidding right ?


My lineup is  thar ga + cutter + sawtooth + mauler since their buff

Sawtooth is litteraly the ship with the most buff in game with :

20% weapon damage. (Yup, 20%, that’s not a mistake.  ![:dntknw:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/dntknw.gif “:dntknw:”))

  • 20% crit damage (because 20% weapon damage is obviously not enough)

  • 10 shield resist to everything

  • 20% AB reduction cost

  • 25% rotation speed

  • 50% tackler range

Add the 35% weapon damage and 55 hull + shield resist, due to r11. And the fact that is has 3 CPU + 2 capacitors. Then go cruise (perfect with AB reduction and rotation buff) + blueballs + Target Painter, and enjoy the tackler with the most DPS in game.


Cutter is literally the same stuff.

10% weapon damage + 20% CO buff (Orion and arc like this) +  50% crit chance  + 3 CPU, and whatever you equip suddenly has 5k DPS. 

Add the 20% weapon damage from r12 to reach 6k DPS. And enjoy the CO with the most DPS in game.


But I don’t play r9/r5, so I won’t talk about other ships. 

1 hour ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

Esp given the 10k hours I’ve spent in game

So why the glorious fck do I never see you? That almost rivals no-life-Mzhelskii.

Towards OP, I am always up for Mauler improvement, has always been my favourite.

5 minutes ago, OmegaFighter said:

So why the glorious fck do I never see you? That almost rivals no-life-Mzhelskii.

Towards OP, I am always up for Mauler improvement, has always been my favourite.

No idea. I’ve only seen you once or twice too.

I mean I’m always set to Eu servers but that doesn’t seem to do anything because is always end up in RU matches.


And yeah I really want a FaF guided torpedo mode. I hate having to manually control it. Such a waste of time and you are a sitting duck while doing so.

Amazing work Foxy, keep it up. But Federation wants this aswell (most of all the Sai) (aswell as more awesome looking unique premium ships) and Empire too…

3 minutes ago, Flash0914 said:

Amazing work Foxy, keep it up. But Federation wants this aswell (most of all the Sai) (aswell as more awesome looking unique premium ships) and Empire too…

Yeah the Feds could definitely use some cool stuff. Just atm I feel that Jericho is the bottom of the food chain.

The Stingray is still super underpowered and the Sai really needs its new special stuff.