Jericho LRF F-Module

I have been playing Jericho LRFs for a while now and have been pretty decent with it (my DSR went up 200). It seems though that the special module is very situational and very useless at long range (for which the ship role is called) due to the fact that it takes a very long time to travel and due to the fact that when you go LRF VS LRF you must go within 5000 meters so when that LRF (cough omega cough) uses the backwards warp you can still change direction and ALMOST nail the LRF. The radiation cloud doesn’t even serve much as area denial or suppression because it is so small and ships can go around it. Yadda yadda yadda… Complaints go on. It’s very good at medium range and ok at close (due to the fact that you might hurt yourself as well) but the point is that the special module for JLRFs doesn’t even meet the expectations of the ship role name.

Disregard the last paragraph. That was just my late night spiel and the lack of sleep talking… -____-

The next paragraphs are raw ideas. I want CRITICISM good or bad and SUGGESTIONS to make it better. I don’t want arguments over the last paragraph.

The replacing JLRF spec mod launches a highly energy dependent drone that you control and micromanage. It has different offensive and defensive modes once you activate it. It will be a similar view like that of the guided missile module. If energy runs out the drone self-destructs. It will take 10-30 seconds before you can deploy it again though. It serves as a long range support or attack drone.

Activate by pressing F once. Deactivate by hold F for 3 seconds. This is a disadvantage similar to the ELRF. The ELRF doesn’t allow you to shoot as soon as you start while the new JLRF doesn’t allow you to respond quickly to a sneak attack besides using mines or multipurpose modules.

While activated the new module can switch through different modes much like the Guard. Switching through modes doesn’t consume energy though. Please forgive wrong numbers or lack thereof since I do not have the game in front of me right now.

1st mode: just shooting/default

Drone does EM damage. 1 second RoF. Deals 800 damage. Low energy/ps but takes low energy for each shot. You can still shoot through out all the other modes

2nd mode: missile shield

Makes a missile shield smaller than the guard missile shield. Medium energy/ps but takes high energy for each missile destroyed. Therefore if you get hit with an octopus or firestorm barrage without high cap volume your drone will most likely dIe.

3rd mode: bonus resistances

Gives 3% resists to all types of damage for both hull and shield. Has low energy/ps but will become larger as you service more allies.

4th mode: shield drain

Drains a small amount of shield from enemy per second. Not enough to make a dent in enemies shield to overcome enemy regen but enough over time to give you a shield buffer. Speaking of which hull is same as attack drone. No shield unless you use this mode. Max shield will be as much as hull. This has a high energy/ps cost even if you aren’t draining. Must be within 100 meters to drain.


More info on special module

If you get out of 9000 meter radius from your ship the view will become static like the guided missile but you will still be able to steer.

Capacitor will become more important like in command ships.

Drone has more staying power than guided missile although much weaker.

Tachyon charge makes it move faster to get to destination or to evade shots while the WO makes dmg as much as sentry drone.


I’m tired goodnight.

ships are usually 200 meters in size, “guards”


and you want them to be within 100 range to drain shield? it should be 500.


also agreed the cloud of radiation should increase damage and or 4x the size of it, otherwise its kinda useless. 



Interceptor: 21 meter

Fighter: 30 meters

Frigate: 60 meters


Shield Hitbox depending of the Classe.

(Hull hitbox is smaller)


So, There is no ship which have a size of 200m.

Shield Hitbox depending of the Classe.

(Hull hitbox is smaller)


So, There is no ship which have a size of 200m.

lol it was in the summer




the scaling fits with the humans if you put a t5 guard in there. 

MrDuck, you aren’t making sense.

Is no one else really going to tell me what they think? I see several people look at thread and not comment. Not trying to force you guys but it’d be nice.

  Well what they (devs) did was reduce the size of the radiation cloud and explosion so that you have to be precise\accurate.   People were annoyed with the mass random explosions which only resulted in an occasional hit.    


Those of us that utilize the Torp effectively have learned through sheer trial and error.  :crazy:


You CANNOT Play the Jericho the same way that you would a Empire Sniper…  Out in the OPEN  on High ground. 


Cover\hiding  is your best asset.   Also it used to be that you had a TALL TALE trail which gave away your location.  at least now there is a smaller footprint…so it is a bit harder to follow it back to your location.