Jericho LR Frigate Torpedo Replacement

It is no secret that the Jericho LR Frigate has a serious problem. The torpedo they fire can easily be destroyed and suppressed by the missile shield of the Guard Frigate class.


I would suggest the removal of the current single guided torpedo and a replacement option.




Guided Rockets


Every 15 seconds, the Jericho LR frigate can launch a salvo of 10 laser-guided rockets. The pilot guides the salvo via a laser targeting view identical to the Disintegrator view of Empire LR frigates. This limits them to line-of-sight targets, but also makes them immune to missile shields. Rockets deal splash damage in a 200m radius.


Function that used to detonate torpedo in mid-flight now sets rockets to an unguided mode and removes the pilot from the sniper-view in case of surprise attack by an assailant.

the LRF’s do pretty well in Realistic mode… freaking torpedo boats have been doing just fine in the matches that I see them in… 

one killed most of my team and ended up in the top three of his team and a Fear Me to boot.

I like the idea. As I’ve put my jericho Frigate on the back burner since I’ve returned to Star Conflict. 8/10 of my missiles in 9/10 of my games are being shot down, or deflected.


Its once in a blue moon I’ll obtain the chance to systematically hit targets like Keyote was experiencing. (This isn’t counting the fact, that you’ll most likely get harrassed to no end by covert ops ships still).


Jericho frigates need alot of love, as both of of the varients are lack luster compared to the other factions.