Jericho Long Range Frigates

To me it seems that Jericho LRF’s lose their usefulness (at least with their special module) roughly around t2 but definetly around t3 because of a guard’s missile shield. While you could go for targets of opportunity, I really hate how one class of ship is practically useless because of one module. I was wondering what everyone would think if the guided missile turned into a guided missile swarm, like the octopus.

I would like it. I have Ira Deus and there’s no way to make a good game with it. In the other hand I also have a LR Empire ship and I get way better results. I have 19k hull in the Empire LR, compared to the 15k shield of my Ira Deus, I have way more surviability with the Empire ship. The sniper module is also better than the torpedo, at least if the torpedo wasn’t so easily avoidable (anti missile module)…


I think LR ships should have more missile slots than the usual ships. Like 8-10 shots for big missiles and 10-15 for medium, so you could have an option to survive in a close combat 1v1 situation. You know, playing a LR means that some interceptor will just focus you, and will try to kill you as much as he can (I do that when I’m interceptor vs LR because I know how weak they are).


I just want some buff to Jericho LR shiedls and more missile slots for all LR (at least in the T3-T4).

Yeah, an interceptor can just plasma arc a long range frigate at that is usually gg. Idk how hard it would be for a guided missile swarm but it’s either that or make guided torpedo have some defense for missile shields. I would like to see either a damage buff or RoF buff for the special modules too, also more missile slots would be a nice incentive for choosing long range frigates.


As it stands right now, they are way under armoured and under gunned to do much in battles.


On a side note, torpedos do 9k damage at t3 with em damage, how about making guided torpedos deal em damage too?

I was thinking about this, and it seems to me the best solution to fixing the Jericho LRF is to make guard’s missile shield act similarly to flares, where they disrupt the missile for a few seconds, but don’t kill it completely.  This would allow Jericho LRFs to still be useful.

here is an idea


when a Jericho LRF shoots its guided torpedo and a Guard’s Missile Shield tags it, the guided missile loses its camera so the operator is blinded instead of the missile being lost?

@ keyote that’s exactly how flares operate in relation to Jericho torps and many of us would like to see missile shield behave the same way in regards to our torps.  I’d say make it so the first missile shield proc behaves like flares to the torp and the 2nd missile shield proc destroys the torp.  This way you need at least 2 guards to counter the Jericho LRF instead of 1 lone ship shutting them down the entire game.


I’ve been saying and will still say give the LRF’s Pulsar again.  It’s not enough of an OP ability to be able to easily solo inty’s that try to assassinate you but enough of a deterrent to make them think twice about trying to attack you by themselves.  Also with their paper thin armor and shields you’re not going to be seeing them using the Pulsar in close range fights as much as say Guards do so there is still balance there as well.   Pulsar for guards is more of an offensive ability whereas for LRF it would be more of a defensive ability to keep Cov Ops from easily one shotting them with a Plasma Arc.