Jericho Frigates

Would you please be so kind to make jericho frigates speed higher? Compared with those of the other factions and with same rank they are so slow !


For instance , my crusader is even slower and less manoeuverable than a T4 empire or federation engineering frigate x3

Guard frigates have a higher survivability rating than Engineers and have a lower base speed to compensate for that.


If you want a faster ship - you can equip it’s ship mods accordingly, though this will come at the cost of survivability.

hmm , true , but also , engineering frigates have quite some repairing functionalities that allow them to survive longer , especially if flying together.

On the flipside, your guard can equip modules to passively negate incoming missiles, slow down enemy ships, do damage to all enemy ships in directly surrounding it, etc.


They perform very different roles, you can’t really compare the two directly.

all jericho ships are slower in general… maybe there are some exceptions, but i do not find them yet :slight_smile: