Is this possible?

We got utterly hammered the last match… I was blasted out of the sky 4 or 5 times… my side suffered 46 kills during the match total. Our opponent’s top shooter apparently took part in 44 of those 46 kills during an almost 10 min long match. He’s apparently really really good but (how) is it possible someone is that good? :00888:

Here’s a picture:


most likeley he was running all support mods on a frigate i know both of the thc players and they have good days and bad days if u speak enlish u should try our teamspeak and communicate with them verbally while playing

So frigates get credited in form of assist kills for kills that ships supported by their support mods make? Well that would explain that statistic… thx, it seemed a bit odd because I’m new and I fly only an interceptor so I have to physically hit the enemy ship to get an assist.

p.s. I don’t have time to chat in game since I fly an interceptor except during the times waiting for respawn, and btw everyone else is chatting in russian so I don’t even bother.

All other ships got support modules too :slight_smile:

If I recall right an Fighter with Aegis, Valkyrie and Polarized Coating offers more support than anything elese. You get tankyness as hell and also a lot of dmg. In combination with frigates, (hull and shield repair) it is hard to take out ships. Support modules -> very easy way to win.

My top was something about 40 assists running at a fighter. :wink:

true Gentaei, but i have seen most guys like that, using rail guns, far distance accurate and you dont have to move to much just shoot to everyone :wink:

In combination with frigates, (hull and shield repair) it is hard to take out ships. Support modules -> very easy way to win.

Tell me about it, in one particular match I recall I was sitting on this guy’s tail (he was in interceptor probably because he moved pretty fast, fighters usually sit there and shoot) for like 5-8 seconds firing and hitting him (with rapid plasma) yet his shield didn’t budge down even a notch and the amounts of damage I dealt were miserable to say the least like 15-20 per hit. It’s hard to go against buffs like that, this game requires far more teamwork than I was expecting at first.

Had a similar ship as enemy. Im sitting in an Inty and only dealing 99 dmg to him per hit. He was in range of a support frig and he repaired full while i was hitting him. <.< Used a rapid plasma and also the kinetic mode dealt 99 dmg. He prbably had 30 res against emp and kinetic as passiv modules and also a Aegis running.

Try to kill someone using multyphase shield and adaptive armour. Its horrible to take out those ships. Worst dmg comparison i had was a cut down from 1.2k shield dmg to 600. Only support modules running on the enemy. If he would have a shield regen and multyphase shield i guess it would need 400% of his shield strength as dmg untill its down. Not counting hull. Best thing was an T3-1 Fighter. I dealt 13k dmg and my mate also 6k untill we killed him. Total 19k of dmg. He only had something about 8k of hull remaining. (Empire) Shields where down. It took us ~2min to kill him. Insane isnt it?