Is the Open Space Mission "Winter Mayhem PVP" biased on HRs?

I see this mission as literally impossible, no matter whatever I do. This mission appears to be biased on those who have r14 destroyers and can LITERALLY destroy an entire squad. I got a full squadron and eventually a massive wing of r8s - r12s and we still couldn’t even destroy anything. It was either that cybers were going across, or some r14 destroyer decided to plunge in and ruin everything. Sadly, I see this PVP mission as a big mistake, it’s too hard, and too little rewards, yet the big guys can sit at the gates, and camp until you have no duplicators left. I quit this mission, and I only go there to destroy a couple of cybers for the other missions. I hope Gaijin could consider this, and maybe set a balance or rank-category for ships until the event is over. Before you can say “L0l get good, u n00b, get canc3r cuz u d0nt know how to play lolol u got roasted ahahahahaha so home and d1e”. We don’t get good in a second, an hour, not even a day. I can tell you the average player won’t get up to rank 10 until this event is over. Which by then a ton of us will be upset and find this forum post to be the exact opinion they see. If it was easy passing those campers, I congratulate you, and maybe you’ll ignore this and get back to your farming.

the way to do this mission is in a 2 team match … bring 6 or more dupes and fly covert ops  …go invisible and fly away from spawn gate  kill your team 5 times and they kill you 5 times  far away from the spawn campers  + a covert ops can bring 50 aliens to spawn gate and wipe out 150 players there if you want

I finished this quest twice

1st in a Spectre falcon  (recon)

2nd in a Rockwell (tackler)

Oh, c’mon. There’s no need for tricks. I’ve done all the Research station missions with a tackler built for OS farming and not for PvP. Just find a group of people killing each other and poke around with a laser or something and when someone dies you get the kill for assisting. You may need a few dups but nothing serious.

Either pick a friend and farm each other or go in and fight someone, it takes very little time.

I did this one yesterday in a generic gauss setup Sword AE and began a bit of a brawl, other than that as others have said, take a friend and take turns killing each other - it isn’t too hard to do.