Is it really necessary to limit game modes by level?

I am finding some of the later game modes like Combat Recon to be fun but my newer friends can’t play them. Is it really necessary to have level requirement for game modes? Is it also necessary to prevent players from choosing the game mode they want to play?

I personally think it is good that they do it, my reasoning is that the gamemodes require more skill, and new players shouldn’t be playing in a mode they don’t know how to play in.


For example,

Capture the beacons, used in sector conquest, and rank 10+.

You only have as many lives as the amount of ships you have.


I have seen it happen many times, people go off alone, and try to kill people, and lose all their ships. So it is best the most high level pilots who know more of what to do to play these matches.

Combat Recon used to be in Tier 1 but it was awful. Both captains would die within the first minute to Recon rushes and/or Tackler ambushes.

Funny thing is, T3 Combat Recon is often better than T5 Combat Recon.

What shouldnt be limited is maps. You can only play 9 out of the 12 PvP makes in T3.