Iridium usage, among other things.

This suggestion is to improve Corporation government. 

Iridium usage should be left to the CEO and the CEO should be given options to check or uncheck about which ranks can be able to touch iridium within the corp storage.                                                     Namely the Boost option, among the other iridium-needed items that CEOs would rather not have touched. 

The Boost option must be improved: Iridium should not be worth only 1 second per 1 iridium. You should get an hour taken off of the time for every 100 iridium used. It costs enough as it is just trying to get the new modules upgraded, after all.

Bottom line, give CEOs more power to do as they will in their corporations and to give and take away certain powers to any rank, as well as the ability to make custom rank names and the abilities of those new ranks that they design. If a game like Ogame can do it, I betcha you Star Conflict Devs most certainly can make an easy patch for it. Oh, yes, this is high priority, so I expect it to be done within the next three months.    

Failing that, make these new ranks -

Recruiter: Gives the pilot the ability to recruit other pilots to the Corporation and also the ability to create wings. The Recruiter is not able to touch the corporate iridium. 

Funds Specialist: Has all the power of the Vice President, but has the power to utilize the Corp. shipyard, start upgrades, etc. As an added ability, the Funds Specialist is able to give corporation iridium to select pilots of their choosing within the corporation itself. The CEO is also given this power. 

Vice president has its ability to use the iridium from the corp’s storage and starting dreadnought upgrades removed. It keeps the ability to queue corporation battles, however.


I wish you all the best - WolfKhan




Good luck - WolfKhan

The boost option should not be touched by n00bs. I agree.

Is iridium for anything useful? I’m over 8k now of this green things… The corp itself has already all upgrades/whatever so I can’t even spend it.
From my point iridium should have something of value, but this is highly the case as for using iridium, you need loyalty and either kit or credits.

Iridium is also useful for upgrading your weapons and modules to mk4. You would be surprised at how fast it can go. 24 modules could nearly burn up your 8k.

Just for fun.

Iridium is the most corrosion-resistant material known. It is used in special alloys and forms an alloy with osmium, which is used for pen tips and compass bearings. It was used in making the standard metre bar, which is an alloy of 90% platinum and 10% iridium. It is also used for the contacts in spark plugs because of its high melting point and low reactivity.