Iridium satellite dome (active module)

The Iridium satellite dome is a stationary all-purpose defense system developed by Ava Space Systems Industries (ASSI).The active module system is designed to intercept and destroy missiles and drones. Based upon Iridium resonator crystal technology, it passively can heal allies in a limited perimeter of 500 m. It is hoped to have smaller more versatile module versions at hand after the next development phase to support fighter and interceptor classes, also.

Name:                        Iridium satellite dome
Type:                           Active module
Group:                       Frigate modules
Allowed ranks:           12-15
DPS (thermal):            2200 dmg/s
Damage:                      2200 dmg
Rate of fire:                       60 rounds/min
Projectile speed:         6000 m/s
Firing range:                1995 m
Satellite durability:      1500 hull pts
Repairing:                       245 hull pts/s
Energy consumption:    400 en
Active time                         12 s
Module recharge:             40 s
Description:            Detaches a static satellite that follows directly behind the frigate. Iridium resonator crystals enable it to passively heal the most damaged ally’s hull in a 300 m radius or attack one additional target. If the ships hull is below 50% it will repair it, and if its own health is below 50% it will try to repair itself, first. It can kill drones attacking the ship. Upon activation it switches into protection dome mode and takes down an enemy missile in a range of 1000m once every 0.5 s for 12 s.

It is big like Waz’Got Battle Station?

Actually it is like Thar’Ga’s ‘Crystal drome’

can we get a 9-13 version too?

12 seconds? your kinda kidding the clocks now are you? Though the attack drone doesn’t heal, it serves me much better. You could either buff the active time to infinite, or something more than the recharge.