Iridium/Ellydium Container - Make a secondary option to obtain it with Credits!

Suggestion: (Secondary option - obtainable with Credits)



Many players don’t have enough Iridium to get enough sought parts from “random Iridium drops” to upgrade their special modules - recent example: Tai’Kin and Waz’Got.

I think that this idea can actually prove quite useful for such players.


I am suggesting that Iridium Container or at least, Ellydium Container, or both, get a secondary option for Credits, and not just Iridium.

One such container cost would be 5-10 Million credits. There, of course, is a downside for all of this, if such option would be selected.


If you get some component or a blueprint that you wanted, you could only use it for yourself, because such an item could not be tradable at all.




Both options at the bottom:

200/300 Iridium (regular option - tradable)

10 Million Credits (personal option - non-tradable)



Please, vote and comment!






but, i don’t get why you suggest these things, we know they will never exist, they will require GS not credits if anything.


devs are too greedy

9 hours ago, evo888 said:

devs are too greedy

They stepped over to the Dark Side of the Force!

The Council must convey and respond to such transgression!

devs are not greedy , accountants are the ones being as you described. It belongs to their Job task. And we get  things if we dont fight them for real. Is like in real life)  

It has always a sense  to make suggestions or complains if we are not happy. We, the pilots  do finance SC.


If enough would vote here it would have for sure Impact on decisions of the ones being in Charge.


But if all want something and nobody moves his butt, it is normal that all stays as it is 

i hope they care our suggestions …would be nice if we have 50/000 players in star conflict like war thunder/or many other games :open_mouth:

It would be nice for this to be a thing but honestly Iridium is there marketing scheme now Although, Credits = more grind = more people in queue. At least that’s how I view it.