Invasion related module should be craftable, once bought

Spatial Scanner III , IV , V and Extended Hull III , IV , V should be craftable in the workshop, once you purchase them at least once , with Galactic Standards.

With the purchase of such module, you unlock the ability to craft it on your own, if you wish to have more duplicates.

You can still buy them, if you prefer. An option should be given for both.

With such option we would remove “P2W” shouts.


Possible bug or inconvenience:

Furthermore, sell price displayed on it must be removed. You should not be able to sell it, since it was bought with Galactic Standards.

Sell option should either be removed from such module, or disabled (greyed-out).





Once you obtain such module, you can get it in your workshop, since you will require Invasion components, or just credits.



Please, consider it and let me know!

Do not forget to vote!




Thank you,


what about those who already have it?

what about those who already have it?

Nothing would change, since you can still buy it with GS, if you do not have enough materials or credits.

Main thing is, that you can manufacture it in the workshop and/or buy it again with GS.