Invasion Mission Rework

Okay, so here’s the full run down of changes:


Invasion Tutorial:

This is only done once. Your progress through the tutorial is tracked across all three factions, and once you beat it with one faction you are not asked to do it again for any other. That’s all that changes here.


Invasion Primary Missions:

Big change here!


Instead of getting one per day per faction, players get three per day per faction. Each faction offers an Easy, Normal and Hard mission.


Easy Missions take place in R4 space and give credits, synergy and 1 Monocrystal (+1 for License).

Normal Missions take place in R7 space and give credits, synergy and 2 Monocrystals (+1 for License).

Hard Missions take place in R10 space and give credits, synergy and 3 Monocrystals (+1 for License).


If you complete a mission with one faction, that difficulty tier becomes unavailable from the other two factions, meaning you can only ever do three missions per day - one per difficulty. The missions reset each day.


Why this is a hundred times better than what we already have:

  1. No need to screw up your contract progress to earn more Monocrystals.

  2. Maxmimum number of monocrystals stays the same for R10+ players.

  3. Grind time reduces by a lot.

  4. Low-tier players are guaranteed to be able to earn monocrystals (no missions in places they can’t reach!) but do so at a reduced rate, the same way that they get reduced rewards in PvP / PvE.

+1. I can’t wait for this to become true. 


It don’t change that much to the fact that once you’ve done your daily missions, you have nothing to do.

I would prefer :

You have 3 missions available per factions like you : easy medium hard.

Once you’ve done a mission, a new one with the same difficulty appears.

No more special mission that give Monocrystal.

Now, each 4 missions done you win in a bonus 30% of the credits gain win the missions and 1/2/3 monocrystal depending of the lowest missions difficulty you’ve achieved.

I don’t like your rethink because imposes a big jump in grind; you’re forcing people to complete twelve missions to get their monocrystals. This also means more of their time has to be wasted on invasion mode, which indirectly causes increase in Loyalty, Synergy and possibly even Credit grind.


I do, however, like the idea that when you beat a Monocrystal mission it gets replaced by “normal” missions. That would essentially mean a constant mission supply for those who want it.

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