Invasion and Gold

Was anyone else expecting there to be some way to earn GS in Invasion? I though that at first, contracts for it would. Then maybe a rare drop from enemies. Even then, maybe a rare mineral pickup. And as of this version; maybe even classified documents. But no. None of that gives GS. Just a bit of cred and even fewer vouchers. (Unless you pick up the epic 15k voucher items, which are rare and not really that useful in higher tiers.)

Anyone else want GS in Invasion? Because I sure do.

Who doesn’t. We just all know it won’t happen.

No, I don’t want GS in invasion. Nor do I want rare and valuable stuff in Invasion.

I want all of that as PvP rewards. That’s where the game is best.

And that is also where everyone starts ragequitting when fully equipped MkIV and V players pull their heads out of the sand and head on over to T3

The only MkV thing I have is T3… Soooooo…

Mk4-5 Blood Torm ftw.