Interstellar travel

I would like to see some improvement on the jumping/warping screen. Either some animation or a different graphic of some sorts. Something light enough so the game won’t lag and something cool enough that would fit the current game style/season.


I would totally ignore the lag if you’d care to make something like this for every (or special, better just special then) ship(s) but i know it’s impossibru lol, here’s the video:



My poor FPS…

I would enjoy something like this.

My poor FPS…

Could just be prerendered

It’s a small detail that would really give the game a nice taste to go into free space.  :fed_cool:

i’d like to see a cutscene from cockpit perspective where you go through the gate like it’s one of the engineer warp gates (aka you get pinged off into the galaxy)

Come on TARS