Interduce 2-4 "manned" Cruiser's in PvP-PvE Modes :-)

Hello all thought it would be fun if you can interduce mutli manned Cruisers into the batle modes! bit like flying a WW2 Lancaster Bomber with player manning diffrent turrets!!!


so basicly it would be a bit like "Battle Field 3 " in the multi player sectoin where somone drives the tank and the other mans the guns and both players can shoot diffretn types of turret wepons.


so  for  Star Conflict at the start of the batle you and another player can if you so choose too fly your  fighter ships into a hanger of the “Cruiser” and take command of it,one man flys and shoots next man shoots!!


Also Super Cruisers could be out ragegouse!!! and have 4 people in it one time each man is manning difrent turrets like a fling Fortrees!!!


it would bring a whole diffrent Battle game play and total Carnage!!!  and loadsss of fun :slight_smile:


what do you think it could work!!


hopfully this has planted a seed



I don’t know if English is your second language, but this post was very difficult to understand. This is my translation of it:


"I think it would be fun if we introduced cruisers that are manned by multiple players into some of the game modes. It would be similar to flying a WW2 Lancaster Bomber with each player manning a turret. Another analogy would be Battlefield 3’s multiplayer where two players can man a tank, each having different weapons at their disposal.

At the start of said game mode you and your teammates can fly into the Cruiser to take control of it.

We can also implement outrageous Super Cruisers which can have four players manning turrets instead of two, making it a flying fortress. It would add a whole dimension of gameplay, with massive destruction and loads of fun. Please give your opinions and hopefully this has inspired additional ideas."


I think this is what people are expecting of the dreadnoughts we’ve heard whispers about. It would be difficult to apply and balance however.

you hit the nail on the head!

There will be Dreadnoughts for corps in the future.

Gimme the reins of that thing and I’ll pretend I’m Garma Zabi coming in to nose cone people.

Large ships than frigates simply won`t work within the confines of the current game mechanics.


  1. Current camera system makes it impossible.

  2. Ships velocity is too low for larger ships to have any value- destroyer would have be moving even at AB speed and crusiers would certainly just be sitting there

  3. Nobody wants to man the turret on someone elses ship and nobody is willing to spend money on corporate ships that either someone else can run off with or which investment you`ll loose if you leave the corp.

  4. There is currently nothing for larger ships to do in the game


Bottom line is game is larger ships would need to be ownable by individual players, playable by these players, but be able to someone accomodate or serve other players in meaningfull ways. Game mechanics would need to change to accomodate these ships.

Devs told at Russian forum that they thinking about this.

If there are multi person ships, the add-on crew still should have mutliple options or objectives, and switch seats/consoles somehow.


It could be fun if the captain yells “More power to forward shields!” in the teamspeak tho.


It would definitely need some extension to the logic at the moment, like the need to power up modules you fitted earlier, in battle, which makes you useful in a fight, since you can fit more than you use in every battle and react to the needs of combat, or wait until you can uncharge devastating abilities - what a big ship should be able to. Like Mobas do with upgrade systems. Otherwise these ships would be sheer to powerful from the start, IMHO.


It could be however an interesting endgame and a lot of small ships / squads would make more sense - but the instances should be bigger then (which should be easier, since multiple players controlling the same ship come somewhat “free” in terms of game logic), and the gamemodes would not work as they are atm.

This would be amazing.  I have always wanted to be a gunner behind a skilled pilot

Oh! That’s what dreadnoughts are! Awesome! Now I am really excited  :006j:  :good:

My curiosity requires more information about dreadnoughts. I propose we hold a developer hostage and force him into spilling the beans.

I hope dreadnoughts can be named individually, who doesnt want his own Enterprise :stuck_out_tongue: Also who will captain the dreadnought ?