Insufficient raw materials for ammo production

Unable to maintain a supply of Focusing Lens.

If 2 ships are used in battle, with the ammunition installed, then 1 material unit must drop from loot (if 3 then 1.5, if 4 then 2).

On average, only 1 material unit of osmium drops every 4 battles, 0.25 per battle (possibly more with premium, making it P2W).

This means that the ammunition can only be used in 1 out of 4, <25% of battles. This furthermore leaves none to spare for ship and component production.

They just seem like World of Tanks gold/premium shells now. I’ve had to revert back to standard (credit) Xenon Lamps.

One farm trip could help you out unless you do a high amount of pvp matches daily.

Well, I’ve been keeping track, and I’m down to 21% of matches with 1 Osmium each. Just over 40 matches in the set.

Curiously, I’ve never received both Impure Osmium and Osmium Crystals in the same loot attempt, or 2 of a kind.

Although that may increase to 25% again, as it was at 30% for a while, such as averages go.

So there’s definitely not enough Osmium (or anything for that matter, assuming they all have the same drop rate) to make ammo. Minus the farm excursion.

Technically, it can be used on 1 ship in 42-50% of matches at this rate, and 74-88% of matches with premium… given a 60%+ win rate. However, none will remain for ship/module construction.