Inquisitor Build

Hello people from arround the world!


Well… i searched at the forums with no luck, i did not find some Inquisitor builds, im not sure what modules are more important, so… if you dont mind, want to tell me some sugestions or share your builds? Here is mine




I know i must get mass propulsuion inhibitor and remove signatire masking (?) 

In general i accept suggestions for all my modules


Also the ship is so slow so… which ship you think is better, Inquisitor S (tons of shield and boost on reload time) or T-Rex Mk II (nice speed and range boost)


Thanks for sharing  :salute:



I’m not an expert but… I would say, for capacitor I would put Power Relay and Acc Coils, for shield I like x2 Projection Splitter and 1 resist (thermal or EM) and for hull whatever, Plated Hull or Galvanized armor.


For Weapon, Coil is good if you have Acc Coils and Mass Propulsion Inhibitor.


Active modules hwat you have but removing SM and putting PInhibitor.



ps: I summon Rakza to help you with the build.

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Upgrade them at MK2 minimum. And it should be good to start with an Inquisitor.

Stay with the engineer and protect it.


Support Guard OP !




Thanks for your help!



The name of the game is energy regen.   Shield regen really won’t do much for you in a firefight…it really only pays off after the fight is over and you’re trying to heal up.  Also Emergency Shield Boost uses 100 energy/sec.  So use a passive hull + 7.7% top speed engine module.    This should make it so you’re not so horribly in negative energy regen…I’m actually about 20 over at lvl 6/10 synergy using full afterburners. 


The one nice thing about the inquisitor is it has 3 capacitor slots vs 2 for the Inquis S.  I use energy regen/ Accel Coils/ Iridium Heatsink which is perfect for a Coil Mortar build.


70k surv with 223 m/s top speed and never runs out of energy unless Emergency Shield boost is on and afterburning at the same time.

Oh Java, i saw you in pve the other day and asked you for your build… but sometimes i don’t notice the pve chat, guess that happened.


Ok thanks for the info i will try a build for those afterburners. That infrared scanner is woth it?

Yeah you need the crit chance to help give you a dps boost.


This is my Inquisitor.


As you can see, this ship is the epitome of shield regeneration, and all other ships can’t come close.

passively it will go beyond 400 ps, and with the active regeneration modules, it will reach over 1700 ps.

With a guard, do not waste slots on defense unless you’re not using a Jericho type.

The guard’s ability is more than enough defense. so you have three options, 1. more shield 2. shield regeneration. or  3. both. I suggest shield regeneration. do not waste the engine slot on speed, go for rotation. use the

passive hull for regeneration of its energy and use the module that gives (in the end) +60% shield regeneration per slot. you will be left with enough energy to go right passed your thruster’s energy usage.



With this you will have the ability to fight and win, and once the fight is over, you won’t be left with a slowly regenerating shield. this thing will restore itself faster than an interceptor with a healer.

optimal for those long drawn out fights. have an interceptor pilot that wants to use hit and run tactics on you? nope, your shield regenerates too fast. they’ll be forced to give it their all or go home.

even then, though, it isn’t likely they’ll be able to break through. 



If you have a healer with you, all the better. most people won’t be able to burst through your shield. this way.

an ECM won’t be of hindrance to you, and a recon won’t be able to sap your shield faster than it can heal. 

The benefits of this ship’s one of a kind regeneration cannot be passed up.


implants. MK.3 shield +20 defense.    MK.9 shield +10, ability to absorb collision damage.

Mk.12 - +25% to shield regeneration ps. (when 50% slower than normal speed.)

booster module +10 shield.


^ with this you’ll gain more than enough defense for a guard. 


your only weakness will be when you’re too slow to change the module’s defensive type.


As a frigate, normally one dies from the singularity cannon. so long as you get that anti EM (guard ability module) up, you’ll be fine. just stick to using your regeneration modules, pulsar, etc. fire like crazy. the cannon is still a weakness, but it’s much less of one now.

That fit kinda hurts my eyes, I’m gonna be honest with you…

This is an amazing small-scale combat fit. Very well done. However i think in larger battles it really lacks defense as multiple high damage shots and focused fire will quickly drain you and expose the hull in an instant. But considering T5 is pretty much empty, it’s a super-viable setup.

Have you ever encountered large battles with it (even SQ for now…)? If so, how did it behave? Was always interested in such a setup, but T3 lacks the possibilities and i don’t have the T4 jeri guards yet.

If speed wasn’t an issue I can top 80k surv on my guard but where it starts becoming an issue is those very same small games.    


Imagine a Beacon Hunt game in a guard that can only fly at 201 m/s…or even defending or attacking beacons in a Domination game.  You need to be at the very least somewhat mobile or all that tank will go to waste as you’ll always be fashionably late to the fight…sometimes too late.  This can mean the difference between a 3v3 fight or a 3v1 fight.


Also don’t forget to count your Sig Masking 21 en/s in your energy regen calculations as it’s always turned on.


This build is great for when you need take a few hits to be able to trade your own.   8 seconds of invulnerability with my shield resist active mod along with 38k shields to give me a nice buffer in case a bubble gunship comes around.


23k shields on a guard in T5 sadly to say is kinda underpowered.   When people are able to top 13-15k crits with Singularity, even if you have the 150 em resist it’s still only reducing those shots to 6-7k dmg per.    At this rate 3 shots you’ll be out of shields, 4 shots most likely dead.


Also first 2 items on a guard you should upgrade to mk4:   Pulsar (for farming pve) Emergency Shield Boost/ Shield Projection Splitter (increased durability).  The Mk4 shield boost recovers just slightly under 20k shields over 20 sec while it’s 35.8% vs 27.4% for the Mk4> Mk2 Projection Splitters.   So find a module you’d like upgraded, start salvaging all those t4 purples you find, and horde those loyalty vouchers like it’s the end of days!

Umm i haven’t been in T5 pvp so i dont know if more shield volume or more shield regen works better for inquisitor, but now i have some ideas for my inquisitor, i will share it when i get the inquisitor s


Thanks all for your help

Its called use fed guards

on large scale battles, I’ve fought two frigates (healer and a guard or a healer/healer.) and an interceptor at once. I think I had a healer beside me at the time (I don’t remember) I killed both frigates, and the interceptor ran away. I believe I was left with 75% shield, give or take. (right when the fight began I used both of the shield restore modules) they weren’t able to get passed 5% of my shield for a time. within that time, I killed the first frigate.


actually, thinking back on it, I believe I was without a healer.


Java, I suggest squading with a healer frigate that has a warp-gate. 


For those that want more shield, just use the 3 shield slots for extra shield, and the 3 capacitor slots for a good amount of regeneration. remember not to waste on defensive modules in that area.

that being said, your acceleration will plummet.


JagdRaptorII The MK.13 inquisitor is actually much better than the inquisitor s.

the only way the inquisitor s is better, is if you’re an empire buff, and you use hull modules.

that being said, for those using Jeircho type modules, the inquisitor is the obvious choice over the two.

I’ve always used most of my cap slots for weapon enhancements.   The faster I kill them the less damage i have to tank.  Also with the lvl 8 buff + a missile reloading time reduction hull mod you can hit 50% reduced reloading speed…thats a missile barrage every 4 seconds.   The Inquis S is built more around being a tanky gunship imo.  It’s meant to get in the other teams face and shrug off 30k dmg like it’s nothing while shredding their frigates or fighters vs long drawn out fights.

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This is my Inquisitor.



I wonder if you have a Sword S also fitted full Shield Regen because the 3 cpu slots + 2 shield slots.

![attachicon.gif](< base_url >/public/style_images/master/attachicon.gif)[2013-12-11_00005.jpg](< base_url >/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=7108)

This is my Inquisitor.



Change the shield booster for an Multiphase shield Adapter :smiley:

Shield booster vs multiphase shield adapter


I understand this (please correct me if im wrong):


For Inquisistor…


Shield booster gives you 5,888 shield in 8 seconds, so… if i have 10,000 shield that means that enemy must take down 15,888 shield

Multiphase shield adapter gives you 49.5 resistance to all damage types for 8 seconds, so if i have 0 resistance to all damages and 10,000 shield, its correct to say that i have 14,950 shield for 8 seconds right?


Meaning that how fast my shield depletes only depends, of course on my:


1.Shield resistances build

2.Damage type taken

3.Number of enemies


But with  shield booster the shield stays while with multiphase shield adapter its gone after 8 seconds, so… who has experienced with both? that can say which one is the best choise for pvp, and whats the damage type i will see often in T5 pvp? (if i see T5 pvp haha)

![attachicon.gif](< base_url >/public/style_images/master/attachicon.gif)[2013-12-11_00005.jpg](< base_url >/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=7108)

I’m looking at some math with that regen and resists, assuming unbuffed dps and no crits for simplicity, and ignoring Ion Emitter and Heavy Blaster due to their heating mechanics.

DPS	DPS after resists	% Change
Thermal and regen	
Beam Cannon	1164	670         57.58%
Pulse Laser	1374	861         62.67%
Assault Rail	1676	809         48.28%
Shrapnel	1450	648         44.67%
Gauss	        888	246         27.73%
Coil	        1256	509         40.54%
Plasma Gun    926	723         78.10%
RFB    1510	1424         94.30%
Positron	1352	1234         91.30%
Singularity	1628	1566         96.17%

Kinetic loses over half of it’s DPS minimum, and despite -20 resists, plasma gun loses 22% of it’s DPS, and even Singularity loses 4%.  If the 25% regen is based on the 388 points/second, singularity loses 10%, guass loses 84%, and everything else is in between.

remember to factor in the +150 resistance from the guards special module. 

Add in the signature masking. It has -17.7% to enemy damage.

if you haven’t already, I mean.

The sig’ has 2625m range.



I actually only have the Sword AE, Wakizashi AE, and the inquisitor, currently.

I’m unsure if I’ll be partaking in the the other sword…

Although, I will give it more thought.

It’s on my list.



Experimental shield booster L will give you +7423 in 8 seconds: every 39.2 seconds.

Experimental emergency shield boost will give +16533 in 20 seconds: every 69 seconds.



Experimental shield booster L will give you +7423 in 8 seconds: every 39.2 seconds. (928) ps. roughly. (not exact.) give or take 1. for 8 seconds.

Experimental emergency shield boost will give +16533 in 20 seconds: every 69 seconds.     (826 ps). also not exact.


If I go below 50% the normal speed, I’ll gain +25% shield regeneration. (413 ps)

So, for 8 seconds, I’ll gain 2167. After 8 seconds, I’ll have the emergency shield still going. that’ll leave me with 1239 per second for 12 more valuable seconds.


19.2 seconds later and the shield booster L will be ready to use again.

of course, I could use both sparsely.