ingame chat room(s) for events

Please allow to add a custom game room for events like tournaments or other community battles.
There are different ways to do/manage that for a fast implementation short term and a way the works better long term.

Short term:
chat room can be visible for everyone in game chat (separate tab)
chat name would need be descriptive that people know what this chat is about
chat should have a time limit so it will only exist for the requested time frame

long term:
to see/join the custom chat room a command in normal chat is required like: /joinchat chatname
chatname would be short (less than 10 characters)
The chat room could have a time out like a week or to be closed when the event ended.

about that chat room:
should have a welcome/topic message like you have in the corporation room and can be set by the chat room requester/owner
if possible the room owner/requester should have moderation permissions and features in this room: kick/ban people, set room to moderated and add/remove people to have voice (can say something in chat while the majority can only read in chat)

GM’s should be able to setup this chat room at a scheduled time or maybe on short notice if there is a GM present in main chat.

The chat room can be requested via forum post or Gaijin website (both require Gaijin account that is linked to the account used to login to the game)

The chat room request should only be accepted for an event already planed/discussed on the official SC forum. This is to limit abuse and having too many chat rooms.

[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20586-corp-alliance-chat/?p=243026)

Your chat idea is already included in that suggestion somewhere, either at secondary or quaternary.

Okay. While adding a bunch of other channels as mention in your thread is great.
This one I think could help temporary and can also used/extended to non events if there is a good reason.