Info Box ingame



What about a info box in the upper right / left screen, which shows how many kills / assists I made in the running mission?

Maybe some extra stuff like damage given, damage taken, aiming in percent, points et cetera.


What do you think?


Good idea with the exception that I want an option to disable it.


I would get very distracted by it. Also, I would be playing more for numbers than to win.


Though I get other people would want this option, so it is still a good idea.

yeah your are right, I thought of a small box or line just text and digits, no effect or whatsoever.

And OF COURSE with the option to disable it :slight_smile:

It would be pretty nice as well, when I could disable any UI element I want.

If you press and hold tab, you can see the map with the overlay of who all’s in the team. There’s an option to see your kills, assists, captures, and efficiency.

There’s also the combat log though it’s very simplistic, what they need to do is put the squad UI back on the right of the screen, no sense having it on the left where it blocks the game messages such as player killed player etc…