Infected Alien

An addition in these trying times could be a single alien that appears in all modes rarely.


It flies randomly and shoots randomly. Doesn’t do much damage but if it hits you or a ship touches it it becomes infected with a virus that spreads to all ships/drones (enemy and ally) within 600m.


Effects are random for each ship. Some just become carriers to spread it, and others slowly take damage. Older ships (that have been alive in the battle for more than 10 minutes) simply explode after a short time when they get the virus.


Ships that do not come within 600m of another ship for 120 seconds are cured.


This will really level the battlefield!


This is so not the time for that idea.

On 4/5/2020 at 9:30 AM, ScireEstMelius said:


This is so not the time for that idea.

That’s the idea lol.


Teach social distancing from those you care about. (team members, especially the good ones that have survived a long time!)

I also just realized that my signature is very relevant again.