why we can’t delete container that we don’t want ? especially when we can’t get enough iridium before 3H over.

Why when missions change after an update we can’t switch hard to normal if  the new mission seem too hard ?

have one mission E. Holst totaly stick because that.

I feel that. I stopped doing missions a while ago because they were never useful enough to complete, and also were way too restricting.


You should be able to cancel one mission per day, but I’ve found that isn’t true for most of the new missions.

1/ have been mentioned but we don’t know if they planned to do anything about that, maybe we’ll be able to salvage creats we don’t need but it’s uncertain.


2/vouchers mission can’t be cancelled after they are accepted, don’t know why.

Other can be once a day so make sure you didn’t cancelled any other

yes, even if i don’t cancel any mission, can’t cancel this one…