Increased Number of "Flight Decks" Wanted



I didn’t see this suggestion, please forgive if this is a re-post. 


Currently, a player may have only three ships selected for combat at any given time on their flight deck. I would recommend that there be more than one of these platforms/flight decks of ready to fly ships. I think a good number would be to have a flight deck for each tier. You could still allow cross-tiers on each deck, but at least the space and ability to better organize your ships would be there. 


As I accumulate multiple ships of varying tier levels it is sometimes difficult to recall exactly what ships are fit and ready to fly, and what is just a hull. Even when and if selling ships becomes an option, I play all the races and have several ship groupings I would like to have ready at any given time. 


Having multiple flight decks would alleviate the organization issue mentioned above, and further would serve an added benefit of helping recycle more players who just got obliterated (in their last match) into waiting matches. It would also allow players to have ready wings for different levels of play. You could easily have your tier I’s in group A (flight deck 1), tier 2’s in group B (flight deck 2), tier 3’s in group C (flight deck 3), etc. Or mix and match tiers within groups.


So that’s my first suggestion to this “so far so great” game.  :learn:









I like this idea kind of


1 flight deck per tier and 1 mixxed flightdeck, you basically select your deck before a battle amd get thrown into games accordingly

Basically the same thing I asked for:

As long as people can only bring 4 ships to a fight, I think this would be a good idea, whilst I don’t have any trouble keeping tack of all my modules/fittings, I would like to be able to set up a number of pre-set “teams” instead of having to go and set all my ships up every time I want to change tier.

Basically the same thing I asked for:


Indeed, a very similar request. As such I will link yours back to mine, as well.


I do hope they implement this, it will increase the number of regular games, I think!