Increased Loot Drops for PvE

It’s not always a bad thing to buff rewards. Currently there is a debate going on about whether credit rewards for PvP should be increased because some are afraid that PvE will suffer. Well, I have a suggestion for this.


PvE Suggestion:


Currently PvE rewards players with a guaranteed module loot drop upon completion of a scenario. Each PvE scenario thus far is divided into three rounds, with players who have died being able to respawn. For every round that an individual completes without dying, they should get an additional guaranteed module drop. So for a player who completes a PvE mission without dying once, he/she is guaranteed to recieve three random modules. If they do horribly and their team is forced to carry them through the scenario (meaning they died every single round), they still search for loot, but they have no guaranteed module drops.


Also, a pilot that has successfully completed the scenario without dying once should have a higher chance of recieving elite loot.


This will increase the importance of PvE for obtaining modules and keep it from becoming obsolete as more PvP modes are introduced. It will also make it more enjoyable.


PvP Suggestion:


Buff PvP credit rewards by 10 or 20%. PvP can be the primary way for pilots to earn credits and loyalty, while PvE is the primary way for pilots to earn modules. The top three pilots of the victorious team should be rewarded for their overall ranking in the battle with increased chances for loyalty loot. The MVP of the winning team should be 25% more likely to loot loyalty rewards after the battle. Second place has a 20% chance to loot loyalty, and third place has a 10% chance. Everyone after that recieves no bonus to their loot chance.


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