Increase ignore list

Currently chat has become even more over-run by people that insist on spamming rediculous commentary. Would be nice if the ignore list was big enough to beat back some of the spam. Today was nearly impossible to get a word in, or answer a new players question, without the question or response being burried several dozen lines of rapid fire “bacon” commentary.


That or kindly add it to the filter so people can have the option of listening to it if they really think it’s something they need.

Could add a help channel and an in game team channel by now…  And for some reason squad chat is mixed in with corp chat…

And for some reason squad chat is mixed in with corp chat…

I don’t see a problem with this. If i am in any chat anywhere I would always like to know if my squad or corp said something.

the solution would be private chat tab not just private message in pub chat

Signed. It took me less than a week to fill my ignore list. It needs to be unlimited on size, or at least sorted chronologically instead of alphabetically so the oldest ignores can be deleted and new ones added. With the level of discussion in the general chat, I personally vote for unlimited. Talk about bacon… ignored. Type dumb stuff in all caps… ignored. Use racist speech… ignored. Have obscene name… ignored. Have too many “x’s” and numbers in your name… ignored. With those 5 criteria, that has eliminated half the population of chat, ergo, the maximum number of ignores should be roughly equal to half of the player-base. Make it so.


Edit: Please hurry with this! Someone just said “Bacon is for faggots,” which breaks 2 of the ignore-rules and I can’t ignore them. Help!

Well my 50 ignore list got filled up in one day. So id suggest simply banninate everyone from using the xxxx center(aka general chat) who even dares mentioning bacon.

lol…you people are so mad about a single word? Wow…You are even worse than christians.

Its equal for me if you spam porn links or f word or bacon or facts about someones momma in the chat, I dont wanna see any kind of spam in there.


By which I meant, I agree completely. The amount of raw spam in global chat is excessively large, and comes from way more than 50 individuals.

As the Lord of Bacon I call this thread unworthy! And kindly request you stop this madness.