Increase cap for all items to 10,000

Simple suggestion: increase the cap for all items to 10,000. Since that seems to be the highest number available to your poor little “system”.

I don’t know how useful that would be, let’s say we will have a limit of 10k on monos, if you reach that number with them it’s likely that you have nothing to use them for, most SPs don’t exceed 500, and in Ze’Ta’s case you’d need 4000 at most assuming you’d start with the 100 cost right off the bat, same goes with credits, what are you going to spend 400 million on? Let alone hoard a few billions, the only reason to have that much is bragging rights, to me it doesn’t seem like it makes much sense, but if the limit was 1000, yes, that would work, for some resources it would make sense, for others, not so much.

The limits wouldn’t be a problem in the first place if gaining and spending resources was symmetric and if we had no bottlenecks, we’ve yet to see how they will address this issue.

The use would be not being forced to throw away heaps of resources.

Which is pretty much the same as hoarding and never using them.

Consider that you need to save up to get anything these days. They don’t do release events like they used to any more where you get all the parts to make a thing. (besides Dyrnwyn but even now you still can’t make it without buying parts with gs)

I’m with thunderfam on this one, also jazzhop is awesome, keep it comin bruh.