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After the collapse of the mighty corporation PREY, a young but well-trained member was left as the only active player. Realizing that the others were never to return, he spread his wings and launched away from the nest. He spent a few weeks drifting solitary around the galaxy, bitter and filled with hatred from the loss of his home. He grew tired of this.

After much deliberation, he elected with a friend to create a new corporation, so that the name of PREY would not be entirely forgotten. It was uncertain whether it would work, but it was a bet. One he was willing to take. The name? Inconstance. The personification of instability.


Now this twisted soul wishes to teach others the way of evil and of malice. To teach what he was taught and what he was learned.

Will you join him?


Corp Modes** :**

All modes supported in this corp, however Open world and PvE sorties are more common. There are not enough people online as of now to make PvP worthwhile.


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We’re moving to the CDF TS server


swiggity sweg



I like the name~

Viking will support INCON in any way as part of the CDF

INCON will serve the CDF whenever and wherever possible

Inconstance would like to publicly announce the opening of recruitment. The requirements are as follows -


Fleet Alpha:


Karma - Not important

Pilot Rating - Over 2000, preferably over 3000

Highest Rank - No less than 5, preferably 8

Teamspeak is required.

Must be familiar with Invasion Mode.

English speaking

Online once per 2 days, max not on line for 25 before ejection.


Fleet Omega:


Pilot Rating - 3000 or above

Highest rank no less than 2 races above R8 (non prem)

Teamspeak is an absolute.

English speaking

Must be familiar with how to set up ships and be familiar with how their ships fly

Willing to kill on command

Online no less than once every 2 days, 4 maximum.

Officer status granted.

Good luck and welcome to the forum

I no londer lead INCON from the account “starcoaster”. I have moved to GArc, I have set up another account with a friend a while back which is now running INCON “OAK”. Any comments on INCON go through me.