Inciting A War

The faction war that we had years and years ago before release was pretty fun and gave more meaning to smaller battles in the larger scheme of things. I know peace is great and all, but there’s just not much conflict in this wonderful game of Star Conflict that we have.

I propose a new branch to the lore where the recently settled factions go back in to conflict with eachother and a win counter be activated in the hangars like before. Players would once again be asked to chose a side in the conflict, but with two new factions introduced: Ellydium, and Antifactionists. The Antifactionists would be like the Star Conflict third party vote that always has lots of attention and good intentions, but (almost?) never wins. (Or pirates, depending on how you look at it.) It would be a good addition for those that like to sit out competitions, while still allowing everyone to participate in this “event” of sorts.

The chosen faction for each player would of course be locked in place, but with the addition of “forged documents” that could be purchased for GS or found in Open Space. The cost should be much more than 200GS though, to prevent faction hopping. Changing factions should also have some down-side like removing progress towards goals etc.

The number of pilots in each faction of the war should be displayed on the counter in the hangar, as well as the number of wins each faction has. The winning faction should receive some sort of cool thing I guess. I really haven’t thought that far in to it. Maybe some new cool custom unlockable ships/modules/weapons.



I think that reintroducing faction is a great idea! Not only can you make close friends and enemies in a game with factions, but also fight for your own faction. The thing I am missing is to fight for a greater good, PvP Is not fulfilling as it used to be for me. I also encourage to reward the most dominant faction with the highest map control (OS). Perhaps introduce outposts of each faction that can be destroyed and defended in each sector.

This is what the people want.

On 5/28/2019 at 4:42 PM, TheDarkRedFox said:

This is what the people want.

And what did people get?

1 hour ago, BruTosGali said:

And what did people get?