In the cockpit view option

First of all, let me say this:  Excellent job on this game people.  I love it.  It’s visually appealing, fast paced, progressive and loads of fun to play.  I don’t really have any complaints at all.  I would like to suggest adding a perspective from INSIDE the cockpit/bridge/pilot seat.  I understand the concept and importance of being able to view your ship from a third person perspective but in a game like this one would generally expect to be able to see the game from the perspective of the pilot.  I know this might get a little confusing for frigates; both engineering and guard.  However, I think something as simple as a traditional wing commander cockpit view would suffice for all the ship types.  No need to get too complicated when thinking about the frigates.  Unless of course you genius game designers have something in mind that would take the cockpit view to the next level for the frigates.  Also, I’d like to suggest something that I think has already been suggested:  The use of synergy on elite ships (ships that have been maxed out on level progression) to further specialize those ships.  Something akin to an Alternate Advancement tree that incorporates such bonuses as shield strength, main weapon damage, hull strength, shield/hull resistance to specific damage types, repair speeds, rotating speeds, roll speeds, acceleration, max speed, fire rates, recharge speeds for specific abilities/weapons, etc.  It would be nice to be able to use all that extra synergy for something other than transferring it.  Thanks for reading this (if it is read) and thanks for any consideration given to my suggestions.  Keep up the great work folks. 



the suggestion for a cockpit view has already been forwarded, but at the moment a cockpit view would not be very effective.

Due to the limited view you would have a disadvantage compared to 3rd person pilots.