In search of the lost shuttle

The mission “In search of the lost shuttle” is extremely annoying.
Is there a way to exclude a mission when queing up to a random mission?
—If not, then: is there a way to quit from an ongoing mission to be able to instantly que again for another random mission?
------If not: how can I ask the devs to disable this mission from the game? :slight_smile: Or to significantly decrease the stats of the Hunter ships? How can I contact the devs about it?

No, there is no way to exclude. Only make group if you want to go to mission you want.
You can quit from ongoing mission and start another one with other ships.
You cannot ask devs ro remove it)
The goal of 2 first stages of mission is to pass it discreetly, patrol should not see you or allies, and hunters won’t spawn.

Thank you!
I’ll just quit that mission then, as I don’t know how not to be spotted.
Still annoying. Thanks anyway for your reply!

Quiting battles will lead to lack of reward and account ban for some time.
Just don’t fly near patrol (transports) and don’t attack them.

Thank you for the warning.
What distance should I keep from the transports?

Depends on your ship class. Few kilometers

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The minimum distance from the Patrol is 2Km. Irrespective of ship class as far as I have figured. This excludes being behind an object like the burnt out transports in ruins you need to examine right at the beginning. Use them as cover, or, just wait until the patrol is further than 2Km away from the capture point, or chose a different capture point.

If you get spotted by the patrols, avoid killing the last hunter, leave one alive, if you don’t, their numbers double, and you double the annoyance.

I always try and draw the hunter, to me, away from the beacon being captured, that way, someone else can capture the beacon without all the aggravation. With a ship that can cloak, you can also evade the pursuit all together, which I have managed to do a couple of times, and the game let’s you know you have evaded pursuit.

You also only need to avoid the patrols up until capturing the first beacon is finished, thereafter, it’s a free for all, shoot anything you want, go right up to the patrols and let off gas in their face, whatever :).

I always use the Tai’Kin specifically because it has stealth capabilities and can jump. Other ships have similar stealth abilities, like the Lion, Rockwell, Singularity etc.

On a lower level of the match, if you have the Tai’Kin/Bezerker with the Tai’Thaq mounted as you primary weapon, you can kill the patrol ships quite easily, making them spawn at their initial spawn spot. So, if you need to get past one, killing it (With you more than 2Km away from it) is also an option.

The mission is actually quite a good map, apart from the fact that the devs have once again screwed everyone in terms of credit rewards for the match, but other than that, I actually quite like finding myself in the map lately.

Give it a bash and you will see that it will soon become a favourite :+1: